Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Posy Simmonds

"...She does some ingenious things with storytelling and characterization. The pity of it is that the vast majority of people who like to think of themselves as comic fans... will never do themselves the favour of picking it up and getting a decent education in graphic narrative."Alan Moore, Infinity #8"

In 1969, she started her first daily cartoon feature called 'bear' which was printed in the Sun and also contributed to 'the times' and the 'cosmopolitan' magazine. She moved to 'The Guardian' newspaper in 1972 initially producing filler illustrations for a variety of articles.

This at the top right is part of a comic strip from Mr.Frost drawn by Posy Simmonds. I like this section of the strip because it has a slight humour about it in the story line. The colour has been used well and the layout isn't strict and isn't kept to the same size boxes like most other comic strips I've seen e.g. the snoopy comic strips.

My booklet contrasts with Posy Simmonds comic strip style because I haven't worked in the way she works! Her illustrations are more confined than mine. My illustrations are flowing freely, drifting from one page to the next in a narrative type of way, and my text is almost part of the illustrations itself, instead of having them sectioned off with speech bubbles, like in the image above.

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