Sunday, 11 February 2007

Paul Davis

This is the cover of the book 'Us and them: What the Americans think of the British, and what the British think of the Americans' by Paul Davis! There are two covers to this humorous book, one showing what the Americans think of us, and the other showing what us British think of the Americans. It's funny to look at this book and to find what the Americans think of us. Davis travelled the US and Britain with his notebook and pencil, and good observation to answer the questions he had, and to find what the two country's really thought about one another.

Davis's illustrations work well with the content of this book. They're quirky and have a good style to them. It reminded me of David Shringley's illustrations. These two front covers work well together and I find them appealing to look at! I like the way that all the text is hand written, and that the two images of the hats are being compared to one another. One being the Americans view of what hats the British wear (or maybe it's even making out that the Americans think we're quite posh with the symbol of the bowler hat), and vise versa. I'm really interested in the way that the illustrations have been coloured. It's quite messy but works really well and it gives a strong impact to the viewer. I haven't used this technique in my booklet as I've used a marker pen to colour in, and then I copied it all using a fax machine, so i got the effect of a lino print.
However, I was inspired by the fact that all the text in this book 'Us and Them' is all hand written. I used this idea all the way through my booklet. This is one example of that technique I used, in my booklet. The hand written text makes the booklet quite personal and in a way, makes the viewer have more respect over the booklet.

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