Sunday, 25 February 2007


This is the logo for E4 (a digital TV channel), and can also be viewed as advertisement and a character. It's a simple design and is very bold, eye catching and resembles the number 4 with an E inside it! I think this idea is very effective.
This logo is used in many trailers for the channel, which are all animated and make the logo come you could say that the logo is a character itself. I thought that this is relevant to my project because of the way that the logo shown here has been adapted to a different situation and environment than what you'd expect (it's been placed outside on the grass rather than just being viewed on a screen with a plain background, etc). Because the logo is used in trailers and is animated, it means that it's interactive, can survive in different environments, can be normal, passive, active, extrovert, introvert, shown, hidden and can also be an opposite. These are all of the qualities I need to have in my idea, so this can be a real inspiration towards my ideas.

Here is a bad example of a logo:
It's a logo for a band called Rebus. I don't like the layout of the design because it's so bland, boring, and has no 'life' about it! The reason it's similar to my other example is because it's another example of a logo, however, this logo isn't put in different situations/environments, and isn't animated on occasion like the E4 logo is. The fact that the E4 logo can be 'played' with by animation etc, it makes that example far much better than this lifeless logo, and adds more excitement to it.

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