Saturday, 24 February 2007


This is from part of a comic strip called Little Nemo in Slumberland which was published in the New York Herald from 1905 and onwards. It was about a little boy's (Nemo) dreams which were often quite dark, surreal and threatening. The last panel in each strip would have Nemo falling out of his bed and being told off by his parents for crying out, or comforted by one of his grandparents.

I've chosen this as an example because for this project, I want to either make a toy theatre, or a puppet and do a stop motion animation with it. This comic strip has an essence of an animation to it which will help me with my final idea. I'm also very attracted by the style of the drawings in this comic strip. I'm highly into the style of drawings from the late Victorian and Edwardian periods, and I'd maybe like to include this style into my project. The characters in this comic would be a great influence with the ideas of my characters I will produce too. I like the fact that Little Nemo has a wide audience and is loved by both children and adults. I'd like to apply this factor with my idea. This factor, in my opinion, adds more appeal to the subject and idea. A comic is quite interactive, and can include the other qualities that I need in my idea. For example, this comic can be normal, passive, active, extrovert and introvert, show, hide and opposite.

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