Saturday, 24 February 2007

INTERACTION: Advertising Poster

This is a poster for the Smashing Pumpkins single 'Melancholy'. The inspiration behind this poster, and the video for the single, was 'Voyage Dans la Lune' (the example I previously looked at).

I simply chose to look at this example because I love the style of it, and it would give me a more modern take on the previous example I looked at.

This style of imagery, and the layering technique, is a definite idea that I'm going to work with in my project. The target audience for this style (and also the example shown here) would be adults, or older children (teenagers?!) because of its dark, mysterious quality.

This example has a few of the qualities that I need to work with in my idea, for example, normal, passive, perhaps extrovert and introvert, etc!

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