Sunday, 4 February 2007

El Lissitzky

This is the front cover of El Lissitzky's book '2 Squares' which was a picture book created for children

Shown on this image is the Russian word 'PRO,' meaning 'About' or 'Concerning,' the Arabic numeral 2, and a red square. Seen below this title is the signature of El Lissitzky, which is printed at an angle. As you can see the first and last names are sharing the letter 'L.' I love the simplicity of this image because of the minimal amount of colours used, and the flat, bold colours. This has influenced some of my illustrations in my booklet because I'm using 2 colours-the black of the silhouettes, and the colour of the paper printed on-and a few of my illustrations are quite simple and calm looking, just like this image by El Lissitzky.

Lissitzky was very careful with his choice of colours. The intensity of the red square contrasts well with the black square and text. This below (taken from my booklet) has been inspired by this work. I've been careful with the colours used, and used a minimal amount. I've also worked with quite flat, bold colours, which is just like what Lissitzky does in his work also.

Lissitzky wrote at about this time (1922), "Today we have two dimensions for the word. As a sound it is a function of time, and as a representation it is a function of space. The coming book must be both." Since, he wrote, "the words on the printed page are learnt by sight, not by hearing," he chose number and image on the cover, and only used a word, "about," because he needed it to show his meaning.

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