Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Edward Gorey

This is the front cover of the book called 'The Gashlycrumb Tinies' by Edward Gorey. It's about 26 children (who's names all start with a letter of the alphabet) and how they die. Not only is there imagery, but there is a rhyme describing how each child dies.

It's a very dark book, which attracts me alot! It's full of black, grey and white illustrations. I love the fact that the illustrations have a limited amount of colour. It keeps it simple and visually appealing. The colours compliment the theme and atmosphere of the book also! I've used this technique in my booklet. When I heard the music that I've documented in my diary, I was in a calm and relaxed mood. So, I have used a pale, calming green colour as the background on all of my pages.

The way that Gorey has placed the rhyme underneath the appropriate image is very different to how I presented my text in my booklet! I simply included my text in with my imagery. The text he's used with his imagery is sympathetic towards the subject, and suits the atmosphere well. I've done this with my text in my booklet too.
I've experimented with text to find the right style which would be appropriate to the message I was trying to get across with each song I heard, and to find a style that would be quite sympathetic. This is one example, shown here on the right. The text is sympathetic towards the song and illustration, and it all works quite well together!

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