Sunday, 4 February 2007

The Designers Republic

The Designers Republic is a group of designers who are based in Sheffield. Its known for its anti-establishment and aesthetics. The Designers Republic have worked in ranges of media including CD covers, record covers, web design, typography, logo design, music videos, packaging, apparel design and corporate design.

This image to the right is part of the album artwork for a band 'your:codename:is:milo' which was designed by The Designers Republic. They've used a silhouette quality to the artwork, which looks very attractive and eye catching! It stands out alot and has alot of impact and energy to it, which I'm inspired by alot.
My booklet has been influenced by this style all the way though. I've worked purely with black silhouettes to give a strong impression to my viewers, and I tired to work with the idea of movement and energy by using a sequencing and narrative flow with my illustrations. This is the front cover of my booklet, and the silhouetted wave flows onto the next page like a sequence.

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