Wednesday, 7 February 2007

David Carson

David Carson is an American graphic designer, and is best known for his innovative magazine design, and experimenting with typography. Carson was the art director for the magazine Ray Gun-shown to the right.

"His work does not follow "traditional" graphic design standards (as espoused by an older generation of practitioners such as the late Paul Rand). Carson has a part of himself in every piece and he is emotionally attached to his creations. Carson's work is considered an exploration in thoughts and ideas that become "lost" in his (and his target audience's) subconscious. Every piece is saturated with visual information that could easily be considered too heavy for the eye to interpret, but Carson still manages to communicate both the idea and the feeling behind his design" wikipedia

In a way, my booklet is produced the way that Carson would produce his work because he has a part of himself in his work, and with my booklet, I've done exactly that! I've tried to bring an essence of me into my booklet, and portrayed my feelings and emotions into it also.

Carson also plays around with typography! I've done this in my booklet also. I've created my text into my illustrations so that they become part of the illustration and not something that's just floating at the side of it, etc.

This is a page from my booklet which shows how I've made my text become part of the illustration! The shape of it, with the swirls and waves is presenting an essence of me, and is portraying my feelings when I heard the song that this page is about. This is quite like David Carson's work because he puts a part of himself into his work.

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