Sunday, 4 February 2007

Chris Ware

This image is from Chris Ware's 'Jimmy Corrigan The Smartest Kid On Earth' book. The book is filled with symbolism and storytelling through visual means, exploring and showing the potential of the comics medium. Quite alot of pages are free from text, and some contain complicated looking iconic diagrams. In this book, notable leitmotifs in 'Jimmy Corrigan' include the robot, the peach, the miniature horse and the flawed Superman figure.

From looking at this image, I can tell that Chris Ware is another designer (like Saul Bass) who works with flat colour. It brings appeal to the drawings, in my view. I like the way that his text is involved within his drawings, instead of it being placed on the outside of the image, or something similar to that.
Within my booklet I've included my text within my illustrations, and made them work together. It's a very interesting process to work with and I find it works extremely well and adds more attraction to the work. This is one example of that process that I used! The text is floating down the page just like the leaves. It's like the letters are leaves themselves.

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